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My Urban Nature

Winner of best outdoor choreography Festival Quartiers Danses 2019.

Many Indigenous perspectives see humans as only one small part of nature, equal with the animals, plants, water, winds, sun, moon, etc. Now many of us live in cities, seemingly far from nature. Are we far? Can we still be in touch? What are our relationships with the natural world while in an urban environment? How has this affected all of us?

Using Indigenous traditional and contemporary dance and music, we explore these questions and more to try to bring new understandings and relationships between each other, the city, and mother earth.

My Urban Nature
ChoreographerBarbara Kaneratonni DiaboMusicCraig Commanda, Cris Derksen, Nina Segalowitz and The Urban Surf KingsSupportConseil des arts et des lettres du QuébecShare